Industrial installations:
       Industrial installations, realisation of installations in the industrial sector and metal worker
       jobs in general.

Dis- and reassemblies:
       Ex- and rebuilding of industrial installation.

Factory- resp. machinery dislocation:
       Disassembly of production machinery, plate working machinery, squeezers etc., logistics, shipping
       and rebuilding.

        Constructions for surface technology:
              Repair and reconstruction, design and service.

        Single parts and complete constructions:
              Purchase and sale of painting and powder coating machinery inclusive materials-handling
              technology. Complete constructions as well as singles parts.

        Custom-made used constructions:
              Design, delivery and installation of used constructions, exactly customized to the requirements
              of the company. Also with the use of new single components. Everything towards
              ready to use.

        Repair and reconstruction:
              Repair of powder coating and painting machinery inclusive materials-handling technology.